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NDTnow cuts through the noise in nondestructive testing so you can quickly get the highlights from around the industry all in one place. is an independent digital publication of We-NDT Marketing Network, offering original content and news stories as well as links to carefully selected educational, informational and promotional pieces from around the NDT industry and the markets it serves. NDTnow is dedicated to utilizing multi-media channels to enable NDTers  from every background and means to access information on the industry and from the industry experts in a way that best suits them and best moves the NDT industry forward. We are from NDT for NDT. NDTnow is proudly created and maintained entirely in the USA. 



Marybeth Miceli

Co-Founder & Principal

We-NDT Marketing Network

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Michelle Harnish

Co-Founder & Principal

We-NDT Marketing Network

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Who We Are


When We•NDT Marketing Network first opened in 2016 in the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) industry, we asked ourselves how we could use our skills and experience, and those of many other experts in their respective fields, to help each company we serve succeed beyond their expectations and, ultimately, benefit us all as one community. 


Today, we have grown into a best-in-class collective of industrial marketing masters, business developers, strategists, technical subject matter experts, door openers and enthusiasts who are highly agile and capable as freelancers and contractors yet have the common foundation and support of our seriously professional company. We are real movers who work together to jump on an opportunity, a project, a dream to accelerate sales for our clients…and to achieve our common goal of making the world a safer place.  

With many successful projects and relationships fueling us, we are now proudly serving many companies and organizations in the NDT industry and others including transportation, civil infrastructure, electrical startup & commissioning and more.

We• look forward to NDT-ing you!

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