With the ELECTION SEASON now underway in the NDT community, NDTnow will be profiling  the candidates throughout the voting period to help you make informed decisions. 


PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! It is extremely important in determining the direction of our NDT industry standards and programs.

Op-Ed from David L. Culbertson:
Why you should vote NO on the proposed ASNT Bylaws change
Candidate Profiles

There are two main races currently at ASNT:  Secretary/Treasurer and Director-at-Large.

Secretary / Treasurer 
Flynn Spears

NDTnow: Why are you running for Secretary/Treasurer?

Spears: As a former Society Board of Director, I came to realize and appreciate the fact that none of us have all the answers. And as stewards of our organization I look forward to collaborating with my fellow officers and directors to guide and maintain the directions set forth by our mission statement and strategic plan. ASNT Exists to Create A Safer World by Advancing Scientific Engineering, and Technical Knowledge in The Field Of Nondestructive Testing.

Wherever you live we all belong to a group of highly trained technical professionals with a set of special skills performing the work that is needed to maintain the integrity of our global infrastructure. Your voice through your membership and active participation will continue to be what drives our society. So, it is for this reason and I am seeking your support and vote as we work at the board level and on the many very important committees to make sure ASNT stays the course in supporting and meeting your needs.

I thank you for your time and appreciate your consideration.


Flynn Spears started in NDT in 1974 as a US Airforce NDI Test Technician. From there Spears continued his education in the use and performance of those same NDT methods at Boeing in R&D, development and application of procedures and inspection on aerospace structures and early composite materials. It was there that Spears came to work with some of the early pioneers in the NDT profession. These pioneers also mentored him and strongly encouraged him remain in the field of Nondestructive Testing.

From Boeing, Spears went on to work for one of the most influential NDT Equipment manufacturers in the Nuclear Steam Generator Inspection Industry as an assembler/ troubleshooter, ASNT Level data acquisition, QDA Level data analyst, and Equipment Sales Manager for Zetec, Inc. These were very formative years as the growth of the NDT industry in market segments such as Aerospace, Air Conditioning (HVAC), Tubing Balance of Plant, and Automotive were in some way supported by this company in the use of Electromagnetic Testing and sales of its equipment on a global level.

During this time Spears also became involved locally in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) Section of ASNT, starting out as a member under the mentorship of some of the early pioneers of NDE at Boeing and the US Military. From there to eventually becoming an officer in addition to participating on the National level through conference planning, vendor contribution planning, committee activity, and Board of Director participation.

As a recognized Class of 2003 ASNT Fellow through his years of involvement and
contributions, Spears also served the membership as a Director at Large on the ASNT
Board of Directors for two terms. His current committee work in (Aerospace, Exhibitor,
Governance, Laser Methods, and Military Outreach) shows his dedication to the
advancement and visibility of ASNT and all that ASNT is trying to accomplish in establishing a strong and solid presence through certification and other by keeping our industry always moving forward. Spears’ committee participation speaks to his belief in ASNT on many levels and that we all have something to contribute through our technical ability, education, accomplishments, and personnel commitment. We all have the ability to learn and grow to become the best professionals we can be.


These beliefs were forged through relationships with many of you who have grown and
worked alongside Spears for many years to further ASNT’s Mission. Through the many
social media resources Spears is also available to partner with and extend the many
contacts we all have come to rely on.


Spears enjoys spending time with his daughter who is in the entertainment business, as
well as boating with his friends. Spears also enjoys golfing on a very limited basis as he
says his game will attest and shooting which is better than his aim for the cup.


Having and sharing fun times with those you love and friends provides a very balanced
perspective on and with life especially now that we are having to deal with the current
global and national effects of COVID-19 and the resultant industry changes.


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to
miss the future”. John F. Kennedy

Secretary / Treasurer 


NDTnow: Why are you running for Secretary/Treasurer?

Chen: I want to help make ASNT the leading organization in NDT personnel qualification and certification, and help in the technical publication side. ASNT is and should continue to be the ultimate choice for the society when these two items are needed in projects. This should help attract more talent into the organization, encourage personal development for each individual, which would lead to improvement in the quality level in the industry overall. At the end of the day, we all live a better life because what we do at ASNT.


Dr. John Z. Chen wants to enhance ASNT’s international leadership position in certification and technical publications, hoping to make its members proud and attract more talent into the organization. An ASNT NDT Level III in ET, MT, PT, RT, and UT, Chen is the Corporate Level III at KBR in Houston, Texas. His previous roles have included design engineer, materials engineer, and specialist performing NDT in refineries and chemical plants with ACFM, pulsed ET, and various ultrasonic techniques including thickness gauging.

A lifetime member of ASNT, Chen currently serves the technical editor of Materials Evaluation, a Director at Large on the Board of Directors (2020), an associate member of CMC (since 2012), a co-chair of ICPIIT 2020, vice chair of the Handbook Development Committee, vice chair of the Chemical & Petroleum Committee, and a member of Financial Awards Committee. He has served as a member of the Selection Committee and Guided Waves Committee, as a session chair for conferences, and in officer positions, including chair, for the Greater Houston Section.

Chen is a certified welding inspector by the American Welding Society (AWS); a principal reviewer for the Welding Journal; current chair of AWS Houston Section; a voting member of AWS B1 Committee on Methods of Inspection; and a member of NDT Academic Advisory Committee at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas. He is also a full member of Sigma Xi, a volunteer in local schools and the YMCA, and has served as a judge for student engineering projects several times at the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston.

His recognitions include Jerry Fulin Level III of the Year from the Greater Houston Section (2017), ASNT Fellow (2016), a World Oil Award (2016), a Schlumberger President’s Award (2016), an Achievement Award for the Advance of Science and Technology in Beijing (2000), an Honored Undergraduate Award from Shaanxi Province (1995), and three Section Meritorious Awards from AWS.

Chen has published 29 journal papers, delivered multiple presentations at conferences and section meetings, and reviewed eight ASNT books. He received a Ph.D. in Welding Engineering (2005) from the Ohio State University, a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering (1999), and a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering (1995) from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

Secretary / Treasurer 
Martin Anderson

NDTnow: Why are you running for ASNT Secretary/Treasurer?

Anderson: I am running for office because I care immensely about ASNT and our industry. I have been fortunate to benefit from the pioneers and predecessors of ASNT; it is time for me to be the person who gives back. ASNT is in a unique place in both the world market and its history. With so many world changes, it is important for us to focus on our mission statement, the needs of our members and the industry worldwide. Their many exciting changes in the works that will make a significant improvement. I have served on the board for the last four years and the CMC for the last ten. I would be privileged to continue this work if you vote for me.


Martin (Marty) Anderson graduated from the University of Alaska with certificates in Welding Technology and in Nondestructive Testing (NDT). He is completing his AA in Welding and Nondestructive Testing from the University of Alaska in 2020. Anderson was the owner of Alaska Technical, a nondestructive training center in Kenai, Alaska, for over 13 years. Selling his business in 2019, Anderson is now a part of Southern Services Inc. out of Clute, Texas, where he is the Alaska Regional Manager. Currently he is in the process of obtaining his ASQ-certified Quality Auditor and is Six Sigma Black Belt.

With more than 35 years of inspection and welding experience, Anderson holds an IRRSP certification (radiation safety), seven ASNT NDT Level III certifications (RT, UT, VT, MT, PT, ML, ET), and a Level III in Coating Inspection from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), as well as a Senior Corrosion Technologist rating. Anderson is also certified as a Welding Educator, Senior Welding Inspector, and Radiographic Film Interpreter with the American Welding Society (AWS). With the American Petroleum Institute (API), Anderson holds certifications 570 (In-Service Piping Inspector), 653 (Above-Ground Storage Tank Inspector) and API 577 (Weld Inspection and Metallurgy). Anderson also holds an active aboveground storage tank inspector certification (SP-001) with the Steel Tank Institute. Other certifications previously held include Leak Testing Level II, Receipt/Vendor Inspector, and Quality Auditor.

As an active member of ASNT since 1993, Anderson was the Alaska Section chair for 10 years. He previously served as Section vice chair and secretary. Additionally, Anderson served as chair for the Magnetic Flux Leakage Committee (nine years) for the Technical and Educational Council (T&E) and is the current MFL Committee chair for the Certification Management Council (CMC). He was also the vice chair for the Visual Testing Committee (CMC) and just completed four years on the CMC Administrative Body as chair of the Program Maintenance Division. He formerly was a certified proctor for ASNT to facilitate IRRSP and ASNT Level III examinations. Anderson has also served twice on the Board Selection Committee, seven years on the Publications Review Committee, and the last five years on the Nonfinancial Recognitions Committee. Anderson has received the following awards from ASNT: George L. Pherigo (instructor of the year) in 2010, Mentoring Award in 2012, and Fellow in 2017.

Anderson has been an instructor and consultant in 48 states and seven countries across four continents over the last 10 years. His experience includes a variety of industries, including marine, aviation, petrochemical, pipeline, power generation, structural, and highway/bridges. He has served on five other boards of directors, including the chamber of commerce (four years), public radio station (two years), baseball team (one year), school board (15 years), and state work force investment (four years). In October 2016, Anderson joined the ASNT Board of Directors as the CMC council director, where he will finish a four-year term this October.




Roger Engelbart began his 47-year nondestructive testing (NDT) career as a radiographic technician in the aerospace industry. He holds a B.S. in metallurgical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and an M.S. in mechanical engineering/materials science from Washington University in St. Louis. Engelbart is currently an Associate Technical Fellow in nondestructive evaluation with Boeing Research & Technology, focusing on the development of inspection methods for aircraft advanced materials and structures. He holds more than 50 US and international patents in NDT technology. He has been responsible for executing technology transfer and research programs with Boeing’s international customers. This role has taken him to numerous countries, providing him the opportunity to communicate with international users of ASNT certifications and services while learning about the shared interests between ASNT and other NDT societies.

Engelbart has been an ASNT member for 32 years, holds ASNT NDT Level III certifications in five methods (MT, PT, RT, UT, and VT), and was selected as an ASNT Fellow in 1989. He has served as a board member, committee chair, secretary, treasurer, vice chair, and chair of the St. Louis Section; he worked with a member group in 2005 to help revitalize the Section. He currently serves as Section chair. Nationally, Engelbart has completed a previous three-year term on the ASNT Board of Directors as Director at Large, and from 2011–2015, he served as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, President, and Chair of the Board. He served five years on the Board of Directors Selection Committee and chaired it twice. He has served as secretary, vice chair, and chair of the Research Council, and currently chairs the Technical & Education Council (T&E). He also chairs the Industry Division of T&E, the Engineering Council’s Industry Committee, and the Aerospace Committee. He has served for 11 years on the Governance Committee, in addition to terms on Audit, Business and Finance, International Ad Hoc, Nonfinancial Recognition, and Operations Committees. He has chaired numerous conference technical sessions; he is the co-founder and technical program co-chair of the ASNT topical conference “NDE of Aerospace Materials & Structures,” which was launched in 2008. He is a member of the British Institute for Nondestructive Testing (BINDT) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Committees E07 (NDT) and F42 (Additive Manufacturing).


Engelbart sees open sharing of the Society’s direction as one of ASNT’s greatest assets. He has been active both as an e-Mentor and as a participant in the Research Symposium’s Student Mentoring Program; he believes that the Society has been very creative in developing programs to reach out to young people to educate them about the field of NDT. Society leaders should also seek to encourage, mentor, and develop promising volunteers for national involvement. Engelbart feels ASNT should continue its international outreach and its advocacy for the integration of newly trained inspectors into the workforce through internships and entry-level positions that help them to build their certifications.

Cindy Finley

NDTnow: Why are you running for the ASNT Director-at-Large (DAL) position?

Finley: I accepted the challenge to run for the DAL position because I believe ASNT is important enough to the NDT industry and it's membership to give it my time and expertise.  I have been volunteering a lot more at the section level and I believe that the knowledge I am getting from the membership needs to get heard at the Board table.

I am semi-retired so I have the time to be more involved and I am happiest when I am helping people who want to be helped.

I'm not afraid to ask questions and ask questions I will.  I like keeping people accountable and I don't mind being the bad guy.


Cindy Finley got her start in the NDT world in 1991 when she co-founded UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc., an electronics engineering firm focused on serving the needs of the NDT community for high-end automated inspection systems and software.

Finley’s contribution to NDT is primarily through her volunteer work. She started at the local level as the secretary/treasurer for the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Society for NDT (CSNDT) and ultimately worked her way up to become the Chair of what is now the Canadian Institute for NDE (CINDE) in 2011.

After finishing her time on the CINDE board, Finley accepted a nomination to sit as a Director at Large on the ASNT Board. In 2015, she was elected as the first Regional Director of the newly formed Region 20 (Canada). In 2016, the first ASNT Section in Canada was chartered in the Province of Ontario.

When Finley’s three-year term on the ASNT board was completed, she was invited to sit on the Audit Committee. She is currently serving her second term as its chair.

She is a CINDE Fellow (class of 2007) and the recipient of a “one-of-a-kind” recognition award by CINDE (2015) for her extraordinary contribution to the NDT industry.

As the Executive Vice President of UTEX Scientific, she brings to the board 30 years of business experience, leadership skills, communication expertise, and a wealth of volunteer experience. She is looking forward to putting these skills to work for you: the membership, the Society, and the industry overall.

Since Finley is happiest when helping people, she considers being able to serve the ASNT membership as part of your board to be her happy place. She is hoping to be able to make a difference and thinks the key to being a good volunteer is to be a good listener, ask lots of questions, and think outside the box.



NDTnow: Why are you running for the ASNT Director-at-Large (DAL) position?

Alampalli: ASNT has been doing well in advancing its mission through existing activities and industries it has been involved with for years. At the same time, I feel ASNT can further expand its mission to civil structures infrastructure arena. There is tremendous potential for ASNT to work with infrastructure owners in advancing NDT growth through technology transfer and personnel. Besides contributing to ASNT meet its strategic objectives, this is the area I would like to focus as a Board Member and try to build collaborations between ASNT and other infrastructure owners.  


Dr. Sreenivas Alampalli is the Director of the Structures Management Bureau at the New York State Department of Transportation. In this position, he manages inventory, inspection, bridge safety assurance, and asset management of bridges and other transportation structures.


He is a registered Professional Engineer in New York State. He is a Fellow of ASNT, American Society for Civil Engineers, and International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure.


Alampalli obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and his MBA in Management and Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has authored more than 250 technical publications including books on infrastructure health in civil engineering, risk management in civil infrastructure, and multi-hazard considerations in civil infrastructure. He also co-edited two books on the inspection, evaluation, and maintenance of suspension bridges.

Alampalli has been a strong proponent of nondestructive evaluation, structural health monitoring, innovative materials, and technology transfer. Focus of his active involvement in professional societies has been bridging the gap between the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice working with industry, academia, and infrastructure owners.


Alampalli has been a member of ASNT since 1992 and currently serves as an associate technical editor for the ASNT journal Materials Evaluation. He has been a member of the ASNT Infrastructure Committee since 2001 and served as its chair from 2006 through 2009. He was instrumental in organizing several ASNT topical conferences on Infrastructure NDE and served on ASNT’s Board of Directors from 2003 to 2006.


He received the William Via Bridge NDT Lifetime Service Recognition from ASNT in 2014 for outstanding voluntary service to the bridge and highway nondestructive testing and evaluation industry. He also received the Mentoring Award from ASNT in 2009. Alampalli has been very active with the ASNT Mohawk-Hudson Section. He served as its chair and currently serves on the Section Board.



Clyde W. May is an ASNT NDT Level III in PT, MT, RT, and UT. He is currently employed by Varex Industrial Imaging, where he serves as president of their VMI business unit for industrial imaging solutions. Since joining the NDT field in 1978 as a humble trainee in the quality department of a large self-performing boiler construction company, May has steadily developed his practical, technical, and business acumen from commercial testing labs such as Huntington Testing, Cooperheat-MQS, Code Services, and Mistras Group to NDE technology and equipment OEMs such as VMI and Varex Industrial Imaging. These engagements have resulted in 42 years of participation within the NDT industry.

In addition to his current ASNT NDT Level III certifications, May has held previous certificates from the American Petroleum Institute as an API 570, 510, and 653 Inspector. He also has held the American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector and Senior Certified Welding Inspector certificates. In addition to spending more than 30 years as a hands-on NDE practitioner and radiation safety officer, May has held numerous Principal Level III and corporate management positions.

May has maintained nearly 40 years of membership with ASNT, providing numerous papers and presentations at both local and national Society meetings. He is also a voting member of several ASTM E07 committees, as well as API 1104 subcommittees on radiography and NDT. May is also actively involved in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, currently serving as a member of the Section V Standard Committee, as well as a member of the working groups for radiography and ultrasonics, vice chair of the subgroup for surface examination, chair of the working group for computed tomography, chair of the subgroup for volumetric examination, and member of the subgroup for general requirements.

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