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NDTnow is here to help you get the word out to the NDT community about your company, services or products!


With many options available for sponsorship of banner ads, podcasts, webinars, articles, product demos, news and other information that fellow NDTers should know, NDTnow is our industry's digital platform that can help you maximize your promotional efforts and reach your business goals.


How can we help you NDTnow? 

What's Available

Monthly Plans


468 x 90 banner

Top header on website

and emailers.

3 sponsored pieces per month.

Banner Packages

468 x 60 banner

Home page location on website

and emailers.

1 sponsored piece per month.

A La Carte Pieces

Sizes  & Formats Vary

Includes choice of product demos, articles, podcasts, or webinars


Sizes  & Formats Vary

Includes news, notices or other announcements

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