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Revamping nuclear reactor technology with 3D printing and AI
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TWI, Coventry Combine Fatigue Research | Bridge stress among issues for the Fatigue and Structural Integrity Innovation Centre

Carestream NDT Partnering with AINDT to Offer Advanced Industrial Radiographic Training Academy in New AINDT Facility
ASNT Offers Complimentary Access to M.E. for July - NDT 4.0 Issue
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Tour a Wind Turbine: US Dept. of Energy
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Hopkins mechanical engineers study why granular materials respond to wave force - paving way for new NDT
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Zeki Gokce Details Changes to PHMSA Regs of Guided Wave Ultrasonic Inspection

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Skills Gap Widens as NDT Evolves.png

Digital Twin Consortium Founded

Ansys, Dell, and Microsoft are among the founding members of a new consortium.

Ball Aerospace to help determine how well radiation-hardened electro-optical space sensors perform in orbit
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US Investigates Plutonium Leak at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Potential Worker Exposure

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