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The good people at Comet X-ray started this #NDTtough campaign. Our NDTnow team loved it so much we thought we'd dedicate a page to highlighting some of the NDT TOUGH people in the industry and finding out what NDT TOUGH means to them.

Here's the scoop from Comet X-ray's blog:

Tough /təf/ adjective - (of a substance or object) strong enough to withstand adverse conditions
Succeeding as a professional in the NDT industry is TOUGH. It requires attention to detail, perseverance, and dedication, which isn’t for everyone. After all, keeping the world safe is in our hands, and it’s often a dirty job.

It’s not unusual to have to inform a welder, a manager, or a customer that your inspection has indicated a problem and that a process needs to be altered or even a job site or manufacturing run has to be temporarily shut down.

No one wants to hear that - and no one likes to be the bearer of bad news. But that is the responsibility of the NDT professional; NDTers are some of the toughest people in the world.

In the face of many pressures involved with making the right technical and business decisions to ensure operational efficiency and quality, all while trying to avoid failures, NDT is often a thankless job that relies heavily on the integrity of the inspectors. On top of that, many projects require hard manual labor in the blazing heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast, the frigid cold of Alaska, and everywhere in between.

There is tough, and then there is NDT tough.


What is NDT tough?

At Comet X-ray, we know the job of NDT isn’t easy. We also know it is integral to the safety and well-being of everyone.

As a way of acknowledging the contributions of all NDT professionals for diligently performing a job that often goes unnoticed until there is a problem AND creating a movement to help raise the profile of the NDT industry, we invite all of our peers in the NDT industry to join us in proudly identifying as being NDT tough.


Together, we will raise awareness of NDT and show the world what it means to be NDT TOUGH!

Check out the gallery from the initial campaign launch at NDTMA 2023.

What does NDT TOUGH mean to you?


Allen Gress, Element

"A warrior. You have to be willing to get down in the dirt, get in the ditch, and get dirty. Crawl into tight spaces. You have to be willing to make the sacrifice to have a long and good career, but you have to be up to putting in the time to do it. So it's a tough job. Yes."


Lisa Rose

Product Manager


Neal Ferguson, Element

"NDT tough" means getting out there, doing the hard work, and having the ambition to do it right for the integrity of the world."

Jason Robbins for NDT Tough.jpeg

Jason Robbins, VisiConsult

"So NDT tough for me is it's a mental thing that sometimes you have to make tough decisions to figure out the best path forward; it's not always easy. It could be ethical and investment-wise, but I think you have to be mentally tough to do NDT - right?"




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